Sweet 9 month journey in the mother's womb

Surely everyone was curious about the moment that he was born, the moment that everyone smiled and he was crying. I will write here the lines about your birth, so that when you are old enough to ask the question "how are you born?"

Hành trình 9 tháng 10 ngày đầy ngọt ngào trong bụng mẹ

Sweet 9 month journey in the mother's womb

I was in the mother's right 40 weeks baby. If Mom told me every day, every time she was busy in her mother's womb, she would waste a lot of ink so she would summarize and pay attention to the most impressive points.

6 weeks ... This is the time that parents know the appearance of children. Watching the baby's tiny body in the ultrasound picture, the mother's heart throb and the three children do not have to say, three laugh as the rice season.

13 weeks ... Before she still eat good sleep, mother just thought of the morning sickness has left her mother ... But not now it began to visit. I can not eat a lot of food despite the always appetite, sometimes smell the grease vomiting, sometimes crave for the unspectacular, ... Maybe it is the time she does not want to remember most.

18 weeks ... sex expressions. Normally, 14 weeks, babies have turned on their parents' mesdoms through ultrasound. Mother's baby is different. I keep this secret until the 18th week and the secret ... have been secretly my princess princess!

20 weeks ... I still remember the man in my house who howled when I felt my first kick. I have not seen anyone else "attacked" but rejoiced so except three children and also mother.

Hành trình 9 tháng 10 ngày đầy ngọt ngào trong bụng mẹ

Sweet 9 month journey in the mother's womb

35 weeks ... Mother's shopping fun has come true! Mother carefully selected her clothes, diapers, diapers, milk with the other necessary ratio. It can be said that the towel is the closest friend to the first child when you come to this world. Mom spent a lot of time and effort to choose a close friend to accompany her from the moment of birth. I need a friend who is just fine enough to give me comfort, a friend who can withstand the pain of not having the hair done after every wash and always brings the warmth needed in the early days of life.

Mollis là bạn của con ngay khi chào đời

Mollis was my friend when he was born

And she was really happy to see her friend, the friend she trusted to bring to me as soon as I was born. That's your Mollis.

40 weeks ... Then that day came, the day the little angel mischievously came to this world. I will never forget the pain that has gone through, but what is that pain compared to the joy of boundless happiness when watching the small face and listen to the first cry of my life. In the early days of my life, I had to rely on your help, Mollis. You have to cover your baby so that you can hold your baby more easily. Then after the nurse to cool your baby to help him dry his body and warm the baby. The warmth and softness that you bring to your baby easily fall asleep. And I'm glad I found myself making the right choice for my baby.

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