Summer holidays - worries of many mothers

Summer holidays - worries of many mothers

Although the house has air conditioner, Ms. Han (District 12, HCMC) is still deeply hurt when the new little princess 6 months old constantly harassed because of the nuisance nodding both on the back and the thigh.

Not every Ms. Han, how to protect children from raging is a common concern of Vietnamese mothers, especially in the summer when the weather is hot and "the best" of the year. Rôm sảy ngày hè - nỗi lo của nhiều bà mẹ

Summer holidays - worries of many mothers

The birth of a boy in the heart of the hot sun of July last year, Hoa (Go Vap, HCMC) can not forget the hard time while in the search for a cure for fever. Child: "The adults quickly all over the face because of the heat as fire, baby baby is persistent sweating, especially the head and back. Baby hard to eat hard, night stirred and cried throughout. Spontaneous children, I learn how to chew with leaves from folk, try to cook the leaves of the world and bitter melon to bathe baby but still do not eat. The nostrils still cling to the baby do night mother to wake up to wipe the sweat and coax baby sleep. Tired of both mother and child.

According to expert analysis from the doctors at the Dermatology Hospital, the body must sweat more than usual to reduce body temperature in hot weather. If the pores get squashed due to dirt, infection, sweat will stagnate in the gland secretion sweat in the skin causing skin rash red rash called rash. If the care is not properly, so that the baby so much scratching will scrape the skin, forming pus, the risk of infection of skin infection is very high.

Prevention is better than cure

The only way to prevent choking is to protect the baby's sensitive skin from the "jams" when sweating. Clothing and towels are the everyday things that come in contact with the baby's skin, which has a great impact on the secretion or ventilation of the sweat through the pores.

Baby clothes should be made of lightweight, lightweight, lightweight and lightweight cotton. It is best to buy clothes made of natural fibers that have good moisture-absorbing properties. In the summer should not wear baby clothing fabrics thick, nylon fabric slightly

In particular, milk towels, towel socks, towels are things that directly "rubbed" on the fragile skin of the baby every day. Although her mother bathe her baby with natural water from the leaves, but then use the scar cream, but then use the hard towels, which contain many colors to clean the baby, cotton dust from the fabric. The dye will remain on the person causing the pores, it is difficult to cure the chrome.Mollis luôn là lựa chọn hàng đầu của các mẹ khi mua khăn cho con

Mollis is always the first choice of mothers when buying towels for children

Known in the market today, high-grade towel cotton Mollis of Phong Phu Corporation is trusted by many mothers and buy to wipe and wrap baby without worrying about baby hamster or rash. All Mollis towels, napkins, towels are woven from natural fibers such as bamboo fiber, soy fiber, milk fiber, cotton yarn, and dyed from leaves. , bark, roots based on closed lines using modern technology of Japan and Europe. "Mollis towel is very smooth and sweat very fast. After bathing, I used a towel Mollis Soy cotton wipe a clean water on the baby always. After drying several times, the towel is very dry without fading anymore. Choosing Mollis to take care of your baby's skin in the summer is the norm, "said Thuy (Thu Duc, HCMC), a close friend of Mollis sharing experience. the pattern, cute style lovely

Mollis towels are available at major supermarkets nationwide. Please visit our website: or visit

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