Mollis love connection

That is the message in the short film of the Mollis luxury towel brand, with a touching story about the love of two young Bi - Bong from childhood to adulthood. More than 15 years to love, wait and the end for the journey is the "blooming" of love with small family happiness.

Amidst the worries of life and the hustle of time, people often run after material values ​​that sometimes forget the silence of their heart, the childhood affair with the substance of the husband emotions and memories.

The story of Bi - Bong has proved to be a beautiful love, deep with a souvenir of cotton towels and a letter, they preserve them and store them through the products of the profession.

Memories and remembrances remind us that: Always love with the true feelings and feelings of your life, wait if love is big enough and always keep the love. Happiness is the destination that we go through a journey is that!

Connect love

Love and share your love!

Through this special movie, Mollis also wants to convey the message: "When love is big enough to wait, time becomes meaningless. Mollis always accompanies you on the journey of experiencing life, helping you to connect loving in familiar things every day, so that you feel the taste of life in the fullest. "

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