Severe illness due to improper use of towels

Severe illness due to improper use of towels

Behind the habit of choosing and using a cotton towel like "I like it, I spend it" is a potential risk of many diseases "horrible" skin and respiratory. Did you know that a towel you use to dry your body is very dirty?

Did you know that a towel you use to dry your body is very dirty?

As soon as you use a towel to wipe the person, the towel immediately becomes a residence of bacteria, fungus, dead skin, not to mention the other dirt available in the bathroom when entering the towel hanging in it.


Will get skin diseases if using cotton towels improperly

Although most of these bacteria are harmless because they come from the human body, the horrific truth is that millions of bacteria in the cloth will multiply twice after each use that the naked eye can not see. In addition, the microbial life of the face cloth is longer than that of other personal items as it is capable of maintaining moisture, creating a suitable environment for live bacteria. Of course, living with the bacteria is "normal".

Chicken crepes are only sexually transmitted. Wrong then, "cotton towel" again!

The chicken crest is primarily a sexually transmitted disease, through the abrasion of mucous membranes caused by the virus, called Human papova (HPV). The HPV virus can survive and survive in the external environment for up to 48 hours, which can not be completely eliminated by using conventional disinfectants.

Cotton towels are a very convenient place for the HPV virus to hide. And if one day you find your face becomes "horrible", irritated by itchy rash, plus the characteristic smell, then "review" to see if you use the same towel with no. Without sexual contact, the chicken genital warts can also visit you, because the HPV virus can be transmitted directly from the infected person but can also be indirect, through a towel, shared toilet, toilet Clean toilets.

Bath towels also cause skin aging, boils

Women often use face wipes as a facial massage. But contrary to the use of facial wipe, rub skin also makes skin sagging, aging. Dangerous, choose a facial towel easily as the market price 5000d / item, the scarf unknown origin, rough surface will cause skin damage and aging quickly.

Use proper scarf to reduce skin disease

Because of the presence of bacteria, face towel is one of the causes of recurrent acne. When you wipe your face, the bacteria from the pimple are spread to other acne scars or areas of the skin that cause the acne to dry out and get worse.

Mucus, folliculitis, boils, abscesses, infections of open wounds ...

These are diseases associated with autoimmune diseases. Staph can survive in the environment for several days to weeks. The use of towels is a good condition to spread them and cause disease. If these bacteria get into the bloodstream, you should be prepared to tolerate respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia, lung abscess, myelitis, pericarditis, arthritis, and encephalitis.

Bệnh có thể lây nhiễn qua khăn nếu dùng không đúng cách

The disease can be spread by towel if used improperly

Expressions of staph infections can be just normal boils, but they can be infectious, necrotic, or fatal if at a higher level.

Pink eye

Pinkeye is easy to infect and spread in the community because of the need to hold, grasp, and touch objects such as door handles, stair knobs, telephones; Personal items such as face towels, wash basin ... or use the living items such as towels, pillows can be infected.

The use of the same face towel is not good cause many diseases for the skin and respiratory. In addition, the use of towels are not known origin, do not learn carefully towel material also hurt health and skin.

Towel Mollis of Phong Phu Corporation

There should be a habit of using towels of proven origin.

Therefore, each person should be equipped with quality cotton towels to use according to their ability to protect themselves and others around.

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