What should I buy for my family?

What should I buy for my family?

Brilliant sunshine brings you the joy of eager to prepare for the trip away. A travel towel is definitely an indispensable item for your trip more complete. Please refer to the following tips to choose a towel for your family in this summer vacation

Although holiday homes or hotels have always prepared bath towels for their guests, sharing towels in many shelters still presents unpredictable health hazards. To get rid of the awkwardness and roughness of towels, towels are not known origin and contain toxic substances that affect health, towels are not thoroughly cleaned, do not kill all bacteria on the towel There is a high risk of skin disease and social disease ... We should prepare our own cotton towels during the holidays.

Choose a towel with good absorbent material

Mollis high-grade towels have good water absorption, ventilation, suitable for summer

Towel material is the number one priority when choosing summer travel towels, especially those with sensitive skin that are prone to allergies. There are cotton materials, organic cotton, bamboo, modal, tencel, soybean ... and each material has its own unique features, suitable for all skin types. For example, bamboo towel with antibacterial properties, prevent the tin look up; Also soybean (soy) towel with 16 amino acids help regenerate a healthy skin ...

The weight of the towel is suitable for the material

Each towel material will have a suitable size and weight, so when choosing towels you should not choose towels too thick should not force too thin selection. At the same time, the towels too big or too heavy will fill your luggage on the trip, while the too thin scarf will certainly not good for your skin.

Therefore, depending on the type of skin and each material that size is really appropriate. For example, choose a cotton size 40 * 75 cm weight 130g, modal size 40 * 78 cm weight 125g, bamboo size 40 x 80 cm weight 145g ...

Towels have the right size and weight to help reduce the weight of your luggage

Mollis Towel - The perfect choice for summer travel

Rather than picking on floating towels, which are hazardous to your health, you should look for a reputable towel brand to ensure that you use quality products. Mollis high quality towels are 100% cotton or made from natural materials such as bamboo fiber, oak fiber, tencel yarn. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for a high quality bathroom towel for your family's summer vacation

Due to the rigorous and close-tested production process, Mollis cotton towels are extremely safe for health and environmentally friendly. The towel is very soft, smooth, water absorbent very good, feel comfortable, pleasant to use. In addition to the superior quality, Mollis luxury towel also conquered the consumer thanks to variety of designs, colors and sizes.

One of the striking lines of Mollis cotton towels is extremely suitable for summer trips, including Mollis towel.

Mollis Compressors - Great choice for summer vacation

Compression is in fact a normal cotton towel that is squeezed to reduce size. When you put the towel in the water towel will expand and return to the correct shape, size initially. After unpacking, the towel is completely used as a normal towel, can be washed and used several times. Ultra-compact towel with a diameter of about 4 - 5 cm, is very suitable for carrying on long trips.

Just take the time to learn and you will be able to choose a quality scarf that is both safe and healthy for the whole family in the summer. This is it.

For more information, please refer to the Mollis line of high-end towels at or hotline: 012 68 60 60 68.


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