5 simple things to make life greener

5 simple things to make life greener

A well-known coffee brand says that by 2020 it will stop using plastic straws at its stores globally. An island like Cu Lao Cham decides not to have plastic bags. And each of us, without doing great things, can protect the environment with our own little things, simple but very effective. Try starting from the very small, simple choices below.

1. Use a canvas bag What is a cloth bag?

Everything. Fold a canvas bag and go wherever you go, buy anything you can put in it without using plastic bags - things that take hundreds of years to decompose. Just wash it and you can use a cloth bag until it's torn. You only need to apply this one year, how many plastic bags are not needed then

Use bags or bags that are used many times and can decompose instead of plastic bags to contribute to environmental protection.

2. Replace your selections in the kitchen.

Instead of plastic straws, we can switch to straws, straws, glass straws or metal straws. Or bamboo products such as straws, brushes, pens, coconut products such as coconut spoon, coconut shells .... These products can be reused many times and are produced completely natural. In addition, we can replace plastic food containers, film coating food with glass containers. Glass boxes are not only nicer but also more durable. Replacing plastic utensils and switching to kitchen utensils made of wood, bamboo, porcelain, glass, etc., not only protects the environment, but these materials are also good for cooking or eating. more for health.

Use bamboo straws or glass kitchen utensils to replace plastic utensils

3. Recycle organic waste into green manure

Everyone will have a small vineyard at home, in addition to the balcony, on the terrace ... We can take advantage of organic waste such as shells, leaves, leaves, deep leaves to compost into the garden. mine.

Take advantage of organic waste such as fruit shells, leaves and leaves to compost green compost for your garden.

Living in the city, most people keep rubbish in plastic bags, then there will be sanitation workers to collect garbage, and this waste will piled up or be buried somewhere. If we make use of organic waste to compost green, the number of waste as well as the number of plastic bags will be reduced

4. Limit the disposable bottle

Nowadays, the plastic bottle is a convenient one, just cheap, with all the models, styles appear everywhere. People for the convenience of that ignore the habit of wearing private water bottles because of "entangled". Remember, every plastic bottle can take up to 1000 years to decompose The simplest way anyone can do is to buy the bottles they use many times, and practice the habit of carrying these bottles themselves when working outdoors, when traveling or going out.

5. Use eco-friendly cotton towels

Choose Mollis Organic organic cotton to protect your health, reduce the harm to the environment

Cotton towels are essential items used in every household. Let's start changing the habit of choosing cotton towels to protect our skin and our health. You can use cotton towels containing organic cotton fiber, non-GMO production processes, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth promoters, additives, substances bleaching, odorants, preservatives ... to ensure absolute safety for health. In addition, organic cotton towels are also capable of self-degradation outside the natural environment, which is very environmentally friendly.

There are many other small things that we can do for the earth. As long as we have a sense of environmental protection and understand specific causes, we will immediately find solutions in our daily lives.

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(Source of Vietnamnet)


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