Choose neonatal supplies to greet your baby

Choose neonatal supplies to greet your baby

Making a list of all the things needed for the newborn is what every pregnant mother is doing.

Chọn đồ sơ sinh cho bé như thế nào để không ảnh hưởng tới sức khỏe của bé

Choose baby's new baby how to not affect the health of the baby

"When I was six months old, I bought a lot of new clothes, hoods, baby warmers, diapers, diapers and also did not forget to visit the market to buy a lot of milk towels. , towels, towels for later convenience to children, "Thu Hong (Tan Binh, HCMC) shared the first experience shopping for her little princess. "Imagine having a baby in the first few minutes," said Ms Hong sighing. "Make up the chalk, then boil water from the leaves of the business, bitter melon to bathe the baby but not always. over. Chromosomiasis causes constant crying. The family just tired and pity children do not know how to do.

Cả nhà mệt mỏi vì bé bị rôm sảy trị hoài không dứt

The house is tired because the baby chrome is not forever

Contrary to the case of Ms. Hong, from small to the present, baby Ha Nhu - the son of Ms. Ha Nhu (District 10, Ho Chi Minh City) is also light scaly but the powder is not all severe skin disease. "My point is to always choose the best items, not important price but the product must have a reputable brand, clear origin to ensure the health of the baby," said Nhu. Not only Ms. Nhu, many mums choose to have the opportunity to attend antenatal classes are the experts note about how to choose newborn baby how to do harm to fragile sensitive skin and The baby's immature respiratory system.

Mollis - thương hiệu ưu tiên khi chọn mua đồ dùng cho trẻ sơ sinh

Mollis - brand priority when choosing to buy baby items

Ms. Nhu said that not only clothes or diapers but also milk towels, baby towels are also her priority to buy in supermarkets or large brands because these items are often in direct contact with Skin should have a great impact on your baby's health. When asked about the habit of buying towels, she said: "Towels for the family, especially towels for her baby always choose from the brand of cotton towels. Many cases of newborn babies are hammered, chewed constantly and endlessly wrapped in cotton scarves, poor absorption, but very bad. Unfortunately, babies who breathe in cotton dust are at risk of developing respiratory illness and skin cancer. "

Khăn bông cao cấp Mollis đảm bảo an toàn cho sức khỏe

Mollis high-grade towels guarantee health

The family of Vinh Quang (District 3, HCMC) is also the same. "Both my wife and I often go to the supermarket to buy personal belongings, including towels. All products are made from natural fibers such as bamboo, soybeans, oak, milk, so the use is to feel smooth, good absorbency, long fragrance and not fade. , good for health".

Made from a closed line with modern European and Japanese technology, weaving and dyeing of Mollis towel products are completely natural, providing soft and good absorbency, It has antibacterial, UV protection, suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Mollis face towels, bath towels, children's towels are currently being sold at major supermarkets nationwide. For more information, visit Mollis website or mollis fanpage.

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