How to choose the cotton suitable for sensitive baby's skin

How to choose the cotton suitable for sensitive baby's skin
The skin of young children, especially infants extremely sensitive. In this stage, the skin acid role playing bactericidal is not complete.

Therefore, adults must be very careful with things that come in direct contact with their skin - from shower gel, powders, to kisses. Also, choosing towels, towels, towels is also important.

Làn da mỏng manh của bé sơ sinh nhạy cảm với mọi thứ xung quanh

The delicate skin of newborn baby sensitive to everything around

Towels made of synthetic fibers, containing chemicals, of unclear origin or ruffled, dried, scratched skin when rubbed. As a result, baby rash or peeling.

In hot weather, rough scarves cause the rash, which can irritate the baby. If subjectively, scabs are capable of scratching, causing skin infections. On the other hand, if you inhale rough terry towels, your baby is at risk for respiratory illness. Da bé rất dễ nổi mẫn đỏ, bong tróc nếu tiếp xúc với những chiếc khăn thô ráp, xù lông

Baby skin is very red rash, peeling if exposed to rough towels, ruffled feathers

For children, especially infants, using natural products is the optimum choice. Some criteria need to focus on toxic chemicals, using natural materials such as milk, silk, soybeans, oak, cotton, bamboo fiber ...; Dye extracts from leaves, bark, fruits and bulbs. Among the products available on the market, parents can choose Mollis organic cotton towels from Phong Phu Corporation.

Made from European yarn - weaving - dyeing - sewing - finished products, meeting Oeko - Tex standard 100 standard, Mollis towel ensures softness, smoothness. When exposed to sensitive skin of the child.

Khăn sữa dệt từ sợi tre có chức năng kháng khuẩn

Milk towel woven from bamboo fiber has antibacterial function

Some of the outstanding products of Mollis include Bamboo milk towel woven from bamboo yarn with antibacterial, deodorizing, good absorbency, convenient for mothers hygiene and keep warm baby; Mollis woven cotton yarn with soft silk surface, breathable and good moisture absorption; Soybean wraps from soy fiber contain up to 16 types of amino acids that are beneficial to the skin.

Natural yarn dyed textiles and dyes combined with eye-catching cartoon motifs are the strengths of the Mollis towel. Not only does it provide comfort, baby health, wiping or toweling after bathing is also much easier. Depending on the needs of the family, parents can buy a "natural towel" such as face towel, handkerchief, sports towel ...

Mollis products are available at agents, supermarkets nationwide. To learn about the towel lines that are woven from nature, readers visit the website or fanpage.

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