The criteria for choosing baby towels, baby towels

The soft, antibacterial, good absorbency, less cotton wool will help ease the baby, reduce the risk of skin diseases and respiratory.

The criteria for choosing the best baby towels, towels

From the day I was born, you can buy a few dozen milk towels, towels for baby. Daily care items are easy to choose, but using a coarse, hard towel will have a direct impact on your baby's health.

Thanh Van (district 5, HCMC) has taken her child 5 months to have a dermatologist because of the unknown source of scarcity in the market. The doctor said that the baby allergic skin caused by unknown chemicals cause. After eliminating the risk factors, Van new startled that the cause of the towels are used daily.

"Do not understand much, I just rely on the feeling of hands, see the soft and cheap so decided to buy. Recently found that the surface of the face and neck floating red rash, there is room to peel, "Van said.

Infant's skin is fragile and vulnerable, so the baby towel, towel contact with baby skin needs to be tested for safety, ensure soft, non-irritating, no toxic chemicals. Choosing a hand towel is not enough. Baby may be sensitive skin, respiratory failure due to dust ... if wiped with poor quality towels.

Listening to many friends, Ms. Van replaced the whole series of towels are using Mollis luxury towels of Phong Phu Company. The product is not only soft, well absorbed, but also antibacterial, protect the baby's health. Bamboo fiber towel has antibacterial properties up to 70%, helping to reduce skin and respiratory diseases. Soybean fiber soap (soybean) supplement, support skin regeneration; Modal fiber with elasticity ... can wrap baby at birth.

Cotton towels are a necessity, used by families with children every day

Cotton towels are a necessity, used by families with children every day. Therefore, the mother should choose the type of quality towels from the prestigious brand, attention to the material and safety of the product, tested on ingredients, production technology. In addition, breastfeeding mothers should also pay attention to dyed towel chemicals, must clear the origin ...

Priority should be given to purchasing Mollis towel because Mollis towel uses natural dye, which is environmentally friendly.

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