Proper and sufficient skin care - Did you know?

Proper and sufficient skin care - Did you know?

Proper skin care

Spending a lot of money on cosmetics, creams to treat acne, limit eating hot items, give up the habit of staying up late, ... do all the usual ways that acne still do not let go. Do you know why?

Every day, attacked by tons of car smoke, dust and makeup from morning to night, the skin needs to be "freed" from the suffocating effect of innumerable negative effects from the lips. they need proper and adequate care.

Suggestions on how to choose the right cosmetics combined with scientific skin care procedures to get proper and proper skin care

Before using cosmetics, you must know your skin type in the following six basic skin groups: normal, oily, dry, combination, sensitive, or aged skin. best fit.

For example, with facial cleansers, clay-based products with greasy and dirty ingredients are a smart choice for oily skin. If acne skin, the optimal solution is to use cleanser containing high antiseptic ingredients such as DABO Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber, Colagen ... to help anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect. When you have sensitive skin, only use gel cleanser, less foaming. Use of vitamin C & E is the most effective solution to reduce skin aging process.

After choosing the right kind of cosmetics, it should be combined with the scientific process of daily skin science:

Wash your face 2-3 times a day. Whether using a cleanser or regular water, you also have to use a clean and soft towel to dry. At this stage you should practice the habit of buying branded towels to avoid the bacteria on the surface of the towel and the toxic components from the dye, chemicals, cotton yarn of the scarf "Invades the skin, causing fungal, allergic, furuncle, itch, more dangerous than causing skin cancer.

Wrinkled "skin" is the risk of skin diseases such as fungus, allergies, boils, ..

When dried, use rose water to close the pores and balance the pH of the skin. Next, the skin needs to be replenished with a moisturizer, so use the day and night moisturizer alone for the best protection of your skin at all times of the day.

Facial cleansing cream - silently "saves" the skin

Before going to bed, do not forget to spend a few minutes facial massage to stretch the skin and contribute to repel the aging process.

In addition to the positive effects from the outside, the skin care from the inside is also very important. Try to maintain enough vitamin C & E each day as they are considered "the pharmacy" to bring healthy skin to the skin. Keep the spirit of refreshing, limit the prolonged stress to keep your skin young.

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