Gifts to send love 20/10

Gifts to send love 20/10

Every day, millions of women struggle to make ends meet, to balance work and family. Even, many have sacrificed their careers, personal passion to cultivate the home. Therefore, the annual anniversary marks as 8/3, 20/10 is the opportunity for each person to look back and cherish his beloved women.

One year with 365 worries

A 24-hour day seems never to have been enough for a mother, a wife to do her job and take care of her home. Raising big children, giving them a complete development environment, educating their children to be a good citizen is both a worry and a burden to the mother. On average, when a child is born, the mother loses at least two-thirds of her own time to taking care of herself.

Therefore, the appreciation and gratitude of women is a cross-cutting process, not necessarily a new day to show. However, the busy life, the accident was pushed accidentally pushed women back, the burden of worry. And the Vietnamese Women Day with a small gift from the lover as a way to send a thank-you, filled with the sympathy that if the anxiety is so big, there is still a special day in the long 365 night series. Let them relive the love and love.

Family health is always a priority for women

Little gift - big love

In fact, many people often run after the great material that forgets the source of love is the subtle attention, though very small.

A fresh sprout on the desk, a warm welcome, a hand made dish ... or even a cotton towel emblazoned with embossed messages or names on a soft material background. gratitude is both practical and meaningful in parallel with positive daily activities. Moreover, a cotton scarf is the loving care of the whole family, which is sentimental along with the choice of wise consumption. It is the embodiment of the divine sentiments that we always want to give and receive.

What's even better is that the little action is a health-giving gift, accompanied by healthy daily messages such as "wipe properly to be safe" from the brand itself. has brought consumers peace of mind. And Mollis - a small gift, great love - is a reminder to women not only to care for their families, but to cherish more of themselves!

Along with the worry about health care, choosing the best product for the family is also a big concern. In that context, Mollis - a high-grade cotton towel with outstanding features such as antibacterial, acne-reducing, soft, absorbent, UV-blocking ... of Phong Phu Corporation produce and distribute all the Supermarkets across the country are being marketed for not only satisfying the criteria of health protection but also being recognized as environmentally friendly products, suitable for all skin types from children to people. From the skin to the sensitive skin. Not only does it focus on quality in the manufacture of a wide variety of textiles made from naturally occurring fibers, Mollis also delivers the humanitarian message "Wipe properly to be safe" to build. Build a safe community, protect yourself.

A set of towels is a meaningful gift for loved ones

Experience the value of Mollis at or the Mollis Senior Mash fanpage.

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