About the scarf

About the scarf

It has been 4 years since I lifted my baby in my pink scarf from the birthplace of Tu Du Hospital, which is still attached to my baby today and became my favorite.

Always consider the origin of the towel

I still remember the day I waited for my wife, I waited outside where the heat was like burning fire, just a little anxiety, nervous and thinking about her face ... I saw a lot of baby wrapped blue towel, then the baby towel pink. Being in love with the thought, I heard to call baby. I hurried to pick up the baby wrapped in a beautiful scarf. At first glance in the room I saw two distinct colors, blue and pink, known to be blue as a boy and pink as a girl.

My husband and I very carefully so when buying any furniture for children also thoroughly understand the origin. On the day of the birth, my wife and I go shopping for a lot of baby items from clothes to diapers ... and also consult many ideas to choose the safest products.

I noticed the towel that the hospital wrapped around the baby, the soft towel and very nice. Read the information, it is known as cotton towels of Phong Phu. A few days after my wife was discharged from the hospital, it was raining constantly for baby not dried. I have to be housewife, buy diapers, remember the scarf in the hospital, I look to the towel shop Phong Phu. Here, I am surprised with a lot of product lines for baby without knowing how to choose. I was her sales consultants each product line, the use of each type of towel, confess for the first time I saw and thoroughly heard about each type of towel so. My husband and I always have a habit of going to the supermarket to choose one that does not care much about the use and material of each type. After consulting, I did not hesitate to choose a towel. Which are towels, towels ... towels for me, for his wife, for his son and for her little princess.

Mollis towel brand prestige in the market

According to the information that I know, I search online and understand a lot more about the scarf Phong Phu produced. From there, each time choosing gifts to visit friends baby, my wife again to Phong Phu shop to choose a suitable towel, both beautiful and bring more meaning and value to use.

Over time, my princess grew up, but my wife still uses this towel for her, the towel is still in good use and very safe. Growing up, my wife often told her daughter is the first item that you receive. Therefore, the more she adheres and loves her scarf. Sometimes the two brothers play the battle, she took the towel to make the superhero look lovely and fun. She often bring out to show her grandparents whenever he has the opportunity to come home. My wife repeatedly advised her mother to replace a new scarf more beautiful but decided not to. It has been 4 years but the towel is still worth using. For the girl and my family, Phong Phu scarf is not only a living item but also an unforgettable memory.

I sometimes go to the Mollis store, or go online to read product and company information. The biggest surprise of me is the change of design, materials such as silk, milk, oak, bamboo ...

In front of my house, there is a famous fashion boutique and a mobile phone shop. Day and night I still find people busy shopping, admiring, broaching items, or expensive phones. I suddenly thought that each company, the production unit is always trying to create different products to serve the consumer and sow in the hearts of certain values. What my friends often call brand value. People find themselves luxurious when using expensive items, but some people feel warm when using quality products and meaning. Products that are marketed with great economic value or small if they are made with the right mind will always be accepted, cherished and loved, especially in today's economic times and Vietnamese brand value. That's how branding from the mind of the consumer is!

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