Cotton towels with unknown origin and unpredictable hazards

Cotton towels with unknown origin and unpredictable hazards

Around the origin of the cotton towels are not the source of bad jokes, bad jokes resulting from the health of poor quality towels.


In order to produce a normal cotton towel, it takes a lot of steps, such as input materials, spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing etc. However, for profit purposes, some production facilities use Cheap raw material inputs are not guaranteed quality. Particularly dangerous is the use of toxic chemicals to bleach, dye, soft lacquer ... to create cheap scarves, many colors are rampant in the market.

Many establishments producing and importing towels of unclear origin, then affixing stamps made in Vietnam, contents of labels bearing bad quality or composition. Even some Japanese and Korean stamps to mislead consumers under this tactic are faulty export towels and are sold in Vietnam at extremely low prices. Consumers like the pleasures of the product.

When using the above products, many situations such as waterproof towel, dry hard, product color, shrinkage, heavier than affect the health of consumers. The cotton dust contains toxic chemicals that can fly into the eyes, into the nose, severely affecting the respiratory system. The chemicals on the towel will cause inflammation of the skin. Particularly serious effects on children's health - the body is in the process of finishing, the resistance is weak.

According to market analysis, in non-originating formaldehyde-based towels, according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 this is a non-absorbent towel. The World Health Organization lists formaldehyde as a toxic chemical for human health. The human body, if exposed to formaldehyde for long periods of time, can cause severe damage to the skin and respiratory system, leukemia, Formaldehyde is the cause of chromosomal abnormalities and mutations. Pregnant women may be affected by exposure to formaldehyde. The fetal development of the fetus and a substance that has high cancer potential.

Scarcely unknown origins are potentially dangerous and harmful to consumers, especially for children. As not aware of the daily use of towels is important so most users now have the habit of ham cheap, so buy quality towels, potentially damaging the health of the Family members without knowing.

Towels of unknown origin are sold everywhere in the market, consumers like to go to cotton matrix poor quality


With the current situation of production, trade in cotton towels of poor quality, unclear source of origin, plus the habit of buying towels in the emotional style, the quality of cotton towels that families are using daily. is a big question mark.

Talking with us, a school manager in HCMC. He said that it is very difficult to manage and control all kinds of towels present on the market, especially towel without origin, labels. According to the official, most of the unknown origin types are imported into Vietnam through small tracts or produced from poor quality facilities and distributed directly to consumers through markets. "No one other than the" soldier, "the retailer for profit has deliberately helped the poor quality products, seriously affecting the health of consumers. Over time, we have also discovered and processed many cases of trading counterfeit goods, imitation goods, poor quality goods but due to the thin force should not be able to control all markets, "the manager This market says.

As the big collectors to distribute to traditional markets in the countryside, we have the opportunity to thoroughly understand the story of the towel market, the origin of the product and the path of penetration of low quality goods. The market in the new understanding of the struggle against fake goods, difficult to imitate, the need to contribute to the whole society to the story to the end that more than anyone is the consumer itself .


                                             (According to Youth Newspaper No. 303 dated October 30, 2017)

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