Misunderstanding of the parents when washing the baby

Misunderstanding of the parents when washing the baby

Please take care to avoid the following 6 when washing children's face

It is good practice to keep your baby's skin healthy, however, if the mother is doing the right thing when cleaning sensitive skin with a baby towel.

Mothers often use too hot or too cold water to wash their face. You think that using hot water to wash your face is good for your baby, this is not very accurate because if using hot water can increase sebum. For infants in the first 6 months, wash your baby's face with cool boiled water, dilute the eye with lukewarm water with little salt or use physiological saline.

Using baby towels improperly. Although mothers have used high-grade towels are extremely gentle, but when rubbing on the baby's skin will also hurt the baby, choose a baby towel to separate the soft to ensure the softness, permeability Fast absorption and ingredients from nature friendly to baby's skin. Do not use an adult towel to wipe the baby's face so it is easy to infect germs and bacteria. Expose the baby's towel in the sun, change the towel regularly and soften the towel periodically with vinegar to help make the towels much softer.

Next, the mother wash the baby several times a day or too long. Washing your face is like taking a bath, if you shower for too long, your baby may get cold so do not wash your face too long or too many times. So from the good intention is to clean baby again switch to harm to baby. Cleansing the face many times will lose the nutrients on the skin, wash the surface and then wipe with a face towel repeatedly this process is not good.

Forget to wash your hands before washing your baby's face. The hands of adults are exposed to many different dirty environments so why parents forget to wash their hands before cleaning the baby. So it is unlikely that parents are hurting their skin, always remember to clean your hands thoroughly when caring for your baby is always healthy.

Washing your face through the speakers: Children are very active, each time they play, they can disturb both the shirt and the body, not the face, so parents are not subjective when washing the baby's face through the speakers. . Clean the baby's ears as the dirt can cling to and fall into the baby's eyes at any time. Cleanse the eye area 2-3 times a day or whenever it appears so mothers pay attention to choose a soft baby towel to not hurt the baby's eye area.

These notes help mother better baby care

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With the above information hope is useful information to help parents care better baby.

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