Cotton Mollis - Gift from nature

Cotton Mollis - Gift from nature

By exploiting the available ingredients from nature, Mollis has 'cracked' roots, fruits, silk, wood, bamboo, leaves, bark ... becoming the raw material and dye for cotton towels. Should a towel brand from nature.

In Latin, Mollis means "soft". This is the message that high-grade towel brands of Phong Phu Corporation want to convey to customers through each product. The softness of each Mollis towel makes a completely different difference to the conventional towel products on the market. And the difference is that the materials Mollis uses to produce towels are natural, environmentally friendly, such as cotton, silk, wood, oak, bamboo, silk, soya ... Mollis towel Modal, Tencel, Soybean, Bamboo ... In addition, Mollis cotton towels are also designed with patterns weaving, printing, embroidery, lace, embroidery unique, luxury and color to European standards. Europe, especially after the use of towels will decompose in nature, very friendly with the environment.

Mollis towel is made from soybean fiber

Mollis not only expresses consumer interest in the production and distribution of quality assurance towels, but also directs the attention to the ecological environment as materials are used. The use of environmentally friendly. Colorants for dyeing after extraction into waste residues will be composted into microbial fertilizers for crops. Especially, the waste water produced after dyeing is easy to handle and easily biodegradable, not polluting the environment.

Mollis bamboo towel is antibacterial, deodorant

When finished the product will have a natural fragrance, softness, good absorbency, durability over time, UV protection, deodorant, antibacterial. In addition, Mollis cotton towels also have other advantages such as the use of non-viscous, no hair loss, no toxic chemicals, no dust, no foul or dry, not hypersensitive. with high skin and mold resistance.

Tiến sĩ Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut tham quan nhà máy sản xuất khăn bông cao cấp Mollis

Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut visits the Mollis factory

Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister - Kraut, the Minister of Economy, Labor and Housing of Germany, led business delegations, consulates, media, specialized departments ... visited and worked in the General Phong Phu Joint Stock Company. Speaking during the visit, she said: "I am surprised with your business and your product, the production process and work very professional, high quality products. I was impressed with the Mollis luxury towel products, they are not only beautiful and quality. It is a product worth to be honored and honored.

She also emphasized that developing a product bearing the Vietnamese brand is not only meant to serve the domestic consumer in the best way, but also to promote the creativity of the Vietnamese people in bringing the Its integration products.

The Mollis luxury towel line is highly appreciated by consumers for its versatile functions such as: household towels, baby towels, spa towels, bathrobe, and even luxurious gift towels, suitable to give friends relatives on the occasion of birthdays and holidays.

(Consumer Communication & Housekeeping Division)

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