4 small tips to keep your towels always soft

Your towel is very soft and water absorbent very well, if you use them continuously and do not preserve the towel properly one day you will feel your towel will not be the same again, The towel becomes rough, no longer able to absorb water well. The following 4 tips will help keep the towel as it was before.

How to preserve towels

How do you preserve your towel? Fling all into the cabinet without folding? Or is stacking towels over each other? Or is hanging all the towel up the hook? If you stack the towels over each other, put pressure on the towel below. To reduce the pressure, hang towels on the hook, but if you have more towels, you can not hang them all on the hook. The best way is to roll the towel to store in the cabinet like that will save space cabinet, while not leaving folds, wrinkles on the towel.


How to preserve towels

Temperature affects the towel

When washing with a washing machine, how do you set the wash temperature? Usually, the best water temperature for washing a towel is 40 degrees.

But if washing at temperatures above 60 degrees, almost all bacteria in the towel will be removed. At 40 degrees, some bacteria still exist. Washing at high levels will help the fibers in the towel to be gathered together so that the fibers are dry, so the towel is soft as it was at first, even cleaner.

Wash towels often

Wash your towels frequently. You would not like to use a towel that has not dried, squeezed still water. For the best towel after each use, for towel after 2-3 times use. Towels must be cleaned, sun-dried and kept in a dry place. This will make your towels soft and smooth, avoiding the smell of towels and the use of towels will be longer.

Exposure to sunlight or boiled towel at high temperature is only temporary control, but not clean up bacteria. It is best to replace them when used 3-4 months / times.

The quality of the towel

Any scarf can be "soft", but in order to get a soft yet soft towel after many uses, the user must know how to choose a good quality scarf.

It is best to use towels from nature as an optimum choice. Some criteria should be emphasized to contain no toxic chemicals, using natural raw materials such as milk, silk, soybeans, oak, cotton, bamboo fiber, etc. With the technology extracted from leaves, shells, roots, ...


Use towels made from natural ingredients such as milk, silk, soybeans, oak, cotton, bamboo fiber, etc.

When buying the best towel should go to supermarkets, shops and agents have brand.