What to do when your baby has a fever?

What to do when your baby has a fever?

When your baby has a fever, what should he do to determine if he or she can reduce the fever at home or in the hospital for a visit?

The baby's body temperature should be checked

See tired children, eyes cheeks, cheeks red or pale.

Children sleeping on their lungs, gasping for breath. Body temperature is higher than normal.

Children sleeping on their lungs, gasping for breath. Touching your hand feels better than normal.

  Check your baby's body temperature

Check thermometer with thermometer and determine the fever of children to take measures to handle in time.

Children with mild fever when the body temperature range from 37.5 to 38.5 degrees Celsius, at 38.5-39 degrees Celsius is a moderate fever. In case of mild and moderate fever, if there is no other symptom, care can be taken at home

High fever when the body temperature ranges from 39 to 40 degrees Celsius, while body temperature> 40 degrees C is very high fever. If the child is high fever and very high need to take the child to visit for monitoring and treatment in time.

For children with mild and moderate fever:

Monitoring temperature and every 4 hours to check the temperature of the baby once.

The fever patch should not be used because the patch does not completely reduce the fever.

Change clothes cool, elastic, absorb sweat for baby.

Use cotton towels dip warm water for children, especially the armpit, groin, forehead ... to help children cool down.

Use a warm cotton towel to wet the baby to help her cool down quickly

Children with high fever

Bring fever to children in ways that reduce the fever slightly to reduce discomfort. Then quickly take the child to the hospital for follow-up and treatment.

Carry out water rehydration by giving the child plenty of water, fruit juice, electrolyte supplements, multivitamins, etc.

Feed your child as much as possible to avoid dehydration and weight loss. However, food should be cool, liquid, soft, easy to digest.

Do not use drugs or antibiotics without the consent of a specialist.

Wearing so many layers of clothing, incubate a lot of baby blanket, the body temperature increases.

Incubate a lot of the body temperature increases

Do not use fever patches

To reduce the fever for fast children use many fever-reducing drugs at the same time. This seriously affects the health of the child.

Use cold water or for alcohol, vinegar in water to clean the baby. This can cause children to have heat shock, cold burns or respiratory illness.

When to see a doctor

After taking the above measures, the fever in the child is still not relieved.

Fever or fever lasts for days.

Fever accompanied by signs such as loss of appetite, anorexia, poor appetite, fatigue, paralysis, coma, chills, dyspnea, hemorrhage, abdominal pain, ...

During the fever reduction process for children should monitor the situation to take measures to handle in time.

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