This is why you should own a Mollis scarf

This is why you should own a Mollis scarf

Mollis - a high-grade towel line of Phong Phu Corporation is currently the leading towel brand in the market. With superior advantages in quality as well as designs, Mollis cotton towels are being used by consumers nationwide.

Leading prestige brand

Available on the market in 2005, Mollis quickly positioned the brand as a striking cotton towel quality. Mollis is now leading the domestic market with more than 600 stores, agents and suppliers for major supermarket chains nationwide such as Coop Mart, Big C, Vinmart. , Lotte Mart,…

Mollis is the leading brand of cotton towel in Vietnam

Mollis' wide distribution of quality and unique products to the consumer, helping mothers reduce the fear of counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods, unknown origin and Choose quality cotton towels for your family and stay healthy.

Product quality makes a difference

With more than 30 years experience in producing towels, Phong Phu always innovates to create products with outstanding features and variety of designs to meet consumers. Mollis Mollis not only conquer the market by softness, good water absorption but also extremely safe for the skin and good for health. All Mollis products are manufactured on modern, state-of-the-art equipment with closed chain from yarn - weaving - dyeing - sewing and packing.

Cotton Mollis conquers the consumer by superior quality

Mollis cotton towels are made from natural fibers such as bamboo fiber, soybean fiber, modal fiber, cotton yarn, tencel yarn ... and dyed with the motto of putting the interests and health of customers on top. From the leaves, bark, roots on the closed chain using modern technology of Japan and Europe. Mollis is an absolute safety product for the user, including the sensitive skin of children.

Catch up the trend

Not only conquer the customer by superior quality, over the years, Mollis brand constantly research, develop and produce the best product line from material, design to design. Patterns Mollis cotton towels are diverse, always updated new trends. Embroidery, printing, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, tailor made to suit all needs from home towels to towels for hotels, spas ... In 2017, Mollis Mollis Organic organic cotton towel line marks a new turning point in the trend of green living from cotton towels for Vietnamese cotton market.

Khăn bông cao cấp Mollis có mẫu mã đa dạng, luôn cập nhật xu hướng

In addition to cotton towels, Phong Phu Joint Stock Company has launched the line of adult bathrobes, baby gowns, gift towels ... with the desire not only expand market share, but also bring the product care the safest for the health of consumers.

Mollis - Smart Choice for Consumers

Instead of spending tens of thousands of unsprung cotton towels, containing formaldehyde and other dangerous health ingredients, savvy consumers look to the Mollis luxury towel line for a price. Perfectly suited to the quality of the product. With Mollis, housewives can feel secure for their families to experience the great care they receive from a "healthy" and "eco-friendly" cotton towel.

Currently, Phong Phu's Mollis towel brand is leading the market with the main materials are cotton, oak, bamboo, soybean tencel ... The diverse products include household towels, baby towels, gift towels, hotel towels, multi-purpose wipes, sports towels, bath robes, mats ...

You can find more information about Mollis towel at or hotline: 012 68 60 60 68




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