The way to bathe babies properly

The way to bathe babies properly

For the first time as a parent, bathing a newborn is a challenge that not everyone can pass easily. Here are some tips for bathing parents.

Preparing instruments

2 towels (towel),

2 towels (towels should be organic or special materials such as bamboo, modal, tencel, etc.) so as not to adversely affect the skin. sensitive baby)

1 large basin, 1 small basin.

Diapers, dresses, hats, stockings, leg socks.

Baby soap

The umbilical cord includes: cotton swab, sterile saline, physiological saline 0.9%, alcohol 70 degrees.

Prepare to bathe baby

Prepare shower place

Sealed cabin without wind, fan off, enough light.

Spread a large towel on the table.

Wash your hands with clean water and soap.

Warm water temperature 37 degrees, water level 10cm, water test by warm elbow is okay.

Orderliness helps children develop positive habits in other activities.

The way to bathe babies properly

Prepare to bathe baby

Place the baby on a towel, take off the shirt, diaper and wrap the baby with a towel.

Take a bath

Use a dab of water to boil for each eye, from the inside out.

Then use a small towel (best milk towel is made of bamboo, cotton limited) dip clean water to clean the face.

Place your baby's hand on his or her arms, lift your baby's head, and his or her legs will be clamped between your baby's elbow and hips. For infants, the mother needs to use her thumb and forefinger to pinch her ears to avoid splashing water.

Wash your hair: wet your hair and apply shampoo on your baby's hair, gently rub the head of your baby's hair, then wash the shampoo with warm water and dry with a small towel. Avoid splashing water into baby's eyes.

Place the baby on the table, use a small towel to wipe the upper half of the baby, can be used dry towel top. Similarly, bathe the lower half of your baby, avoiding wet baby navel. Finally clean the genitals, anus. Quickly dry your body, paying attention to folds and clothing for your baby.

Can be placed in a bath tub if the umbilical cord has fallen. Place a baby in a bath: A small hand raised to the baby's head, the other hand raised to the thigh near your body, placed gently in the bat, use a small towel to clean your baby and also care to thoroughly clean the genitals, post Play the baby, note the folds. Raise the baby from the water by sliding the other hand under the baby's butt, lifting the baby's head so that he or she does not fall backward.

Genital cleansing for baby:

➡️Baby: Use a wet towel or towel to wipe the genitals from front to back from the vulva to the anus to prevent infection from the anal area.

➡️ Boy: Wash the penis and scrotum but do not flush the foreskin.

For the care of your ears, eyes, and nose, you need to pay attention not to hurt the lining of your baby. To wipe your baby's eyes, use sterile cotton wipes from the corner of the nose to bring the ear with physiological saline or cooled water (just wipe it once, do not wipe it back). Do not use a cotton swab to pick up the nose and ears because the cotton swab will fall inside. Use absorbent paper to lure the baby's nose and ears so that they do not hurt the baby.

Keep your baby's navel free of infection, you need to know:

After 24 hours the umbilical cord clamp was opened.

Wash hands with fast hand disinfectant.

Sterilize the sterile vial with 70 degrees of sterile rhizomes from the cuticle to the base of the umbilical cord, umbilical cord and umbilical cord around the base of the navel 3 cm-5 cm, to dry the navel.

No umbilical cord.

If the umbilical cord is yellow or smelly, the skin around the umbilical cord is red, the umbilicus leaves a granuloma ... the baby should be brought to the medical or pediatric clinic immediately.

(Source of Health Communication Education Center)

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