The principle of 'golden' select cotton baby towel wrap

A napkin is the first thing to come into contact with baby's skin at birth. To choose the appropriate scarf for delicate skin, baby's sensitive to note from the material, thickness, size and special prestige brand.

The principle of 'golden' select cotton baby towel wrap

The material should be comfortable and safe for the baby

The best towel for mother must be made from 100% cotton breathable fibers or bamboo fibers, soy fiber ... from nature has antibacterial function, preventing ultraviolet ray..

The material should be comfortable and safe for the baby

In particular, towel cotton baby must absorb water well, when washing the hair short, dry dye color does not fade. If the towel is easy to color, the towel contains many chemicals, the mother should not continue to use to wrap baby again.

The skin of the newborn is very sensitive, easy to irritate, so it is preferable to choose a soft towel with a high absorbency to absorb all the dirt particles remaining on baby's skin.

Note on the thickness and size of the towel

Do not choose towels too large, too thick because when wrapped will cause a nasty squash for the baby. The thick and thick will be heavy, difficult to dry, especially in the weather conditions are often light rain will be wet, easy to produce mold, very dangerous for the health of the baby.

Note on the thickness and size of the towel

There are many branded handkerchiefs in the market today with a funny shape for the baby.

"Choose the gold face" in place

Not only the towel, but all products that come into direct contact with the skin of an infant must have a clear origin, coming from reputable brands that are tested to be safe on the skin.

Currently, large supermarkets and stores for moms and babies are available with a variety of cotton towels to wrap them around. The mother to buy the towel remember to read the label, pay attention to the composition of textile fibers, washing and preservation of towel that the label attached note.

Choose baby cotton towels from prestigious brands in supermarkets and large stores to protect baby's health

Currently, the towel brand Mollis of Phong Phu Corporation is being trusted by mothers. Mollis has a variety of towels, baby towels, baby towels with many sizes of fun designs. In particular, textile fibers and dyes Mollis towel from the natural ingredients such as bamboo, soy, milk, cotton, leaves, bark, tubers, suitable for sensitive skin of the newborn and children.

Customers can visit the website or Fanpage Mollis to consult and choose to buy the line of natural baby towel and baby towel, sports ... for the whole family.

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