Prevent skin diseases in children during hot weather

Prevent skin diseases in children during hot weather

Hot weather, the risk of diseases such as rash, rash, tumors, blisters, boils, chicken pox ... in babies and children increased very high.

Compared with adults, the skin structure of neonates is fragile

Compared with adults, the neonatal skin structure is much more fragile. In the early stages of life, the baby's skin is also very sensitive, susceptible to infection because the skin structure and sweat glands are not fully developed, yet rhythmic to adapt to the changing environment. Especially with the hot summer heat of summer, the skin of the baby must be treated more special.

Always prioritize sun protection for your baby

Children under 6 months of age should not use sunscreen. At this age, the safest way is to limit exposure to sunlight, especially when ultraviolet radiation reaches its peak from 10am to 14pm. Children under 6 months of age should be covered with wide brimmed hats, light colored long-sleeved shirts, or the best option is to wrap them in a functional organic cotton towel. Antibacterial, UV protection.

Baby shawls must have ultraviolet protection

Pay attention to bathing, wiping sweat for baby

During the umbilical cortex, do not bathe your baby too much because it will float away the thin mucus protecting the skin, causing the baby to dry. Just bathing 2-3 times a week is enough. If your baby is sweating, use a soft towel to clean the baby. It is best to buy a bamboo fiber towel that is both good and antibacterial to keep your baby's skin clean and dry.

Pay attention to areas of frequent sweating to protect the baby's skin from rash, rash or rash: neck, armpits, wrists, ankles, buttocks and buttocks.

At 6 months of age, the baby's skin is firmer and his or her baby is more active. At this time I can bathe baby every day, but only one bath with warm water to limit the cold. Should wash and wash your face, wash your hair. And only take a quick shower in 5-10 minutes. After bathing, the baby should be thoroughly cleaned in the neck, armpit, groin. Then wrap the baby with a large towel, not too thick but must be able to absorb well, not to be puffed or faded. Note that if the towel is not thoroughly clean, the baby may be suffering from skin diseases and respiratory disease by inhaling the cotton dust of the towel.

The best time for bathing is at 1600 pm when it is less hot but not as windy as the evening.

In order to protect the delicate skin of infants and young children, it is necessary to choose the products that both clean skin and fit the natural physiology of baby skin. In addition to shower gel, shampoo, chalk powder ... towels are mandatory contact with baby skin more. Especially in the heat of summer, children easily sweat should pay attention to choose soft cotton towels, materials for baby safety.

Mollis is a high quality cotton towel line of Phong Phu Corporation.

Antibacterial milk towel is the optimal choice to wipe away sweat

Mollis is made from natural fibers such as Bamboo, Cotton, Soybean, Modal, yarn, milk ... and dyed from vegetables, tubers, bark, leaves on a closed line with modern machinery from Europe and Japan.

Mollis children's products are antibacterial, anti-ultraviolet, smooth, non-rough or ruffled to suit the skin sensitivity of the baby.

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