Open spa in the hotel, great way to attract guests

Open spa in the hotel, great way to attract guests

Opening spa in the hotel is a new trend now. This combination helps to maximize the need for relaxation and relaxation of customers, both to increase profits and make a difference.

So how does the spa opening in the hotel succeed and increase profits?

If you are confused because the spa industry is so new, refer to the following tips to attract customers.

Identify customers who can use spa services

Understanding the customer before opening the spa will help you understand the psychology of guests, meet the expectations they need. It is necessary to find the necessary spa services, to avoid risky situation, waste of capital.

Spa in the hotel: show professional, different

For example, if your customer is a tourist, stay for only a few hours, they are very suitable for foot massage service. But they will not have time for sauna, skin care. These services are available only to long-term customers or those living in the vicinity

Opt for spa services

To truly attract customers, you should take advantage of the hotel facilities that are not available to develop new spa services. In addition, the different services will make customers just curious, enjoy and help you recover large sums.

Develop incentive policies exclusively for hotel guests and guests For tenants, you can encourage them to use spa services by discounting the room rate. Or do you have free spa services? Make sure they are happy to receive these offers. And of course, they do not hesitate to give up where they have such good quality of service.

Preferential services attract more attention from customers

For customers living in the vicinity, you can make promotional offers, donations or discounts on spa services. For example, if customers come to use sauna massage package, please give the manicure service. Or if you use multiple treatments at the same time reduce the 10 to 20% of the bill ....

With preferential policies built in such a way, whether guests in the hotel or outside, they are extremely satisfied. Their return to your hotel for the next time is indispensable.

Choose quality spa supplies

Do not forget to choose the best quality spa items for your customers, from the interior to the smallest detail such as towels, to give the absolute relaxation experience for customers.

The smallest details like using quality cotton towels for the spa leave a great impression on the customer

Spa towels are usually high quality, using 100% cotton, soft, large size, simple design, giving customers the most pleasant and comfortable.

Currently, on the market, the towel products of hotels, spa of Mollis - the leading towel brand of Phong Phu Corporation is extremely popular.

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