4 factors to become a wise housewife

4 factors to become a wise housewife

Health safety is a top concern today, as there are so many hazards going on daily. Products are floating more and tend to overwhelm the line of quality products. To ensure the health of the whole family, whether the housewife should also be wise as an expert.

Red alert on consumer safety

Life has so many concerns when a few meals see a case of food poisoning, discovered some products are fake, poor quality. The belief in consumer products is declining.

Products bearing the Chinese brand are rampant in the market

All out of control when the water used every day for several decades detected excessive levels of lead. The scarf, the shirt was a large amount of money to buy with the belief "famous Vietnam 40 years around the world" was founded by the founder of goods from China. Food, counterfeit goods, bad quality are flooded into Vietnam market massively, beyond the control of functional levels. Therefore, housewives need to equip themselves with the knowledge and more carefully selected to ensure the health of the family.

Consumers wise as experts

Most people think that new food is a terrible problem of health and safety. However, there is a sad truth that other items that come into direct contact with the body such as clothing, shoes, towels, etc. are equally dangerous. Many people buy the "30,000 1" shirts, scarves "10,000 and 3" and bet their own health without regard to quality. In particular, common items such as towels, towels will directly affect the skin and respiratory tract. So how to choose the right cotton scarf?

1. Ingredients are the core element

Mollis towel with many natural ingredients suitable for different users

Raw material is the most important factor affecting product quality. Therefore, select the listed products clearly. Recently, towel products made from natural materials such as organic cotton such as bamboo fiber, soybean fiber, modal and tencel, ... of Mollis are favored for soft cotton towels, smooth and benign.

2. Feel the look

Normally, the quality products will have soft cotton fibers, very good water absorption, breathable, less color or ruffled hair. Do not choose colors that are too bright and colorful, because these colors are often created by chemical dyes.

3. Pay attention to the label

Choose the towel with the origin, the instructions on the label. Note, the label can be made so it is best to buy products in the store with prestige brand, or directly to supermarkets such as Aeon, Vinmart, Big C, Coopmart, ...

4. The technology of dyeing and production is decisive for health

On 23/10/2017, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced a limit on the amount of formaldehyde and aromatic amines that can be released during the azo dyeing process used in the textile industry. Specifically as follows: Formatdehyde content should not exceed 30mg / kg (product for children <3 years); 75 mg / kg (skin-to-skin contact product); 300mg / kg (non-skin contact). Prestigious enterprises always make clear these specifications and only supply products to the market after censorship.

A corner of Mollis towel shop in Nha Trang

The health of your family depends a lot on your care. In addition to choosing safe food, it's time to focus on consumer goods. Fine in consumerism is art, and wise housewife is an artist.

See more useful information about the towel on the website or Mollis fanpage.

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